We’re moving to Berlin!

It’s been a pretty intense week for both me and my wife so we’ve been going on walks to get some fresh air and clear our minds. It began with me getting placed for a new job and her trying to quit smoking. So last Saturday afternoon we’ve hit the gym for a session longer than our usual ca. two hours and realised later on how much we’ve badly needed to burn those calories – it was to make space for the yummy ice cream treat as shown on the photo above.

And because of what we’re going through right now, we’ve come up with a huge decision that wasn’t due for another year: We’re leaving town. No, really, we’re finally moving. Soon. We’ve decided it only made sense to move to Berlin as early as this summer instead of next year’s. On the one hand, I’m pretty excited to finally live in the city and to not have to commute for hours everyday to get to work and home but, on the other hand I dread the stressful days of packing and loading and moving and unloading. We have no prospects yet on a new home because it’s still to early (for fast-paced Berlin means, at least) but we’ve been trying to get familiarised with the districts so we’d know our way around once we get there.

On leaving

I guess this was the reason why I started looking at our town differently. I began appreciating some of the things I had only walked past before. It’s pretty incredible how I seemed to have a new set of eyes to see this place, this unfamiliar place, the one we’ve almost blindly moved away to some years ago. This is the town we’ve got married in.

“Der Cottbusser Postkutscher putzt den Cottbusser Postkutschkasten.”



And some sunshine.

On trying to quit

I really hope she quits permanently. It’s her first time trying after about twelve years of smoking. I’m really proud of her for doing this because it has clearly been taking a toll on her health these past couple of years. So here’s to hoping she can keep this up.

This is her face at about 36 hours of not touching a cigarette.

I think I might be writing more about this adventure we’re getting ourselves into. It just feels nice to be able to talk about it and read about it later when it’s all over!

Until then.



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