Panoramapunkt, Berlin

 I skipped lunch yesterday for this view.

I’ve been meaning to get to the top of Panorama Punkt for quite some time now. I’ve always procrastinated because my office building is just right across the street and I have been waiting for perfect weather. But because of the news I have received last week, the one that said I will be working somewhere else starting next week, I felt pressured to go see Berlin from the top of this building.

Panorama Punkt is located at the 24th & 25th floor of Kollhoff Towers, Potsdamer Platz 1. You will reach the top by elevator – the fastest elevator in Europe, in fact. This means, in just 20 seconds, you will get to see this:

Leipziger Platz / East Berlin

Just for everyone’s info, it’s quite tricky to take photos from this point, especially if you are going for a panorama shot. There are railings all around (for your own safety, of course) that might get in the way. I do believe it could work out using a small tripod or a monopod and just reaching one arm out of the railing, holding the stick with one hand and turning it a little bit to capture the view but I haven’t tried it myself so I can’t really say for sure that it’s a good idea. What’s important, of course, is being able to see it for yourself.

Entrance fee to Panorama Punkt: 6,50 €
Roof of Sony Center / Tiergarten / West Berlin

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