How hard can it be to find a 1-2BR flat in Berlin?

Pretty hard actually.

And I had no idea! When we finally came up with the decision to move two weeks ago, we started checking out the classified ads and even went to our first open house. Here are the problems we have encountered so far:

  1. Most of them are looking for people who could move in right away. That’s a tricky one because, by law, we are required to give a three-month notice if we decide to move out. We gave ours to our landlord last week. Now, we are scheduled to be out by end of July at the latest. This is really stressing us out because as of now, we don’t know if we would have to live under a bridge come summer if we don’t find a place soon.
  2. Flat-swap. I don’t believe this system is more rampant anywhere else than it is in Berlin. This is only applies to two parties who both agree to move out of their own flats and into each other’s as a form of exchange. And since we don’t have a flat there yet, these ads are only getting in our way.
  3. Cheap flats in an area we wouldn’t dare to move to. Just for the record, we don’t have high standards. We’ve been looking in almost all corners of the city, even the outskirts. What’s important to us, though, is knowing we will feel safe as a young lesbian couple involving two brown women. Better safe than sorry.
  4. Flats that don’t allow pets. We have two house cats and, yes, they’re coming with us no matter what. And, lastly…
  5. Too many people fighting over one flat. Apparently, what they said in the news are true. This is something I can understand if we’re talking about a flat in one of those hipster neighbourhoods that are just oh so popular in Berlin. How wrong we were! Last Sunday we went to our first open house. No, it wasn’t in one of those cool areas. It was in a quiet residential area on the south-eastern part of Berlin. You would have to take the S-Bahn to get to the heart of the city. Imagine our surprise when we saw about 30 other people outside. It’s hard to compete even with fair incomes and stable jobs. There are always going to be people who may look like they need it more than we do.
Please help these two find a new home in Berlin 🙂

Perhaps you guys have some tips you can share with me? I would really appreciate that! 🙂

Until then!


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