Cats of Airbnb

I talk a lot about Airbnb on this blog, I know. I swear, they don’t pay me to promote them but I do it anyway because the people I like are the ones that are okay with sleeping at someone else’s home and not looking for 5* hotel kind of service (especially when they don’t have the 5* hotel kind of budget, you know) when traveling. I salute everyone who prefers to travel cheap to see more.

Another thing that I really like talking about is… CATS. One great advantage of booking an Airbnb is meeting the hosts’ pets (if they have any). Whenever we travel, we miss our cats because we can’t take them with us so it’s nice when we get to seek some comfort from other people’s pets. LOL

Amsterdam, Netherlands (2014)

This beautiful Maine Coon’s name is Pookie. She was only a kitten at the time, hence, was very curious and she kept sneaking into our room to sniff around our stuff.


Sintra, Portugal (2015)

He is the king of the beautiful estate we stayed at. Our hosts said he was 13 years old at the time we were there. I hope he’s still doing well!


Zadar, Croatia (2016)

The friendly one. She greets everyone who comes in and demands to be cuddled.
The tricky one. She doesn’t like to be touched. Instead, she wants you to just watch her roll around on the spot you were just about to sit on.

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