The Corrs live in Berlin 2016

“I wanted to tell her that being loved is a talent too, that it takes as much guts and as much work as loving; that some people, for whatever reason, never learn the knack”

– Tana French, The Likeness

Trigger Warning: LOVE (and sappiness overload)

On one of those rather slow days at work earlier this year, I so happened to check out some upcoming concert schedules in the area. I do this maybe 2-3 times a year so, sometimes, I actually miss out on some artists I really wanted to see. This time, though, I nearly fell off my seat because the universe seemed to have conspired for this to happen. Firstly, there was a schedule for The Corrs live in Berlin. Secondly, tickets just went on sale and decent seats were still available. Lastly, my wife was having her birthday in a few weeks.

Don’t get me wrong here, I wasn’t excited for myself. I’m not the one who plays old mixed CD’s with their songs in the car, nor am I the one who knows all the members’ first names. I only really know them from, well, the world of pop music where you tend to know all of the songs without actually knowing them. My knowledge was limited to the fact that they’re siblings, that they’re a really talented bunch, and that I sing some of their songs from time to time. If you’d ask me, I’d say I like pretty much everything that came out at a time when life was just so much easier.

But, again, this had little to do with me. I was just really proud of my find so I had to tell her about it right away. I had thought about giving the tickets to her as a surprise but surprises mean secrets and I just can’t keep a secret from her to save my life so I just told her and, surely, she was stoked.

Now, it’s been more than a week since the concert and I am still a little overwhelmed by all the amount of feels I have. I swear I had a slight meltdown when they finally performed Runaway (my favourite among their songs, I guess). I mean, it’s kind of a really sappy song and I was already in a really sappy situation where I just did my wife a solid in making her watch the people she had followed all these years perform live. I was kind of a mess, really. Sometimes, somewhere in between being a selfish, narcissistic bitch, I forget how much I actually desire to make another person happy and realise how much I fear I am not doing it well.

Ahh… But, you see, I stay in character by going on and on about myself, again. *winks*

I guess I’m just gonna have to try harder in making her just about as happy as she had been that night, every single day and for the rest of our lives. ❤

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