Turning our apartment into a home, one vinyl plank at a time

I’ve been so busy these past couple of days to the point that I’ve had people wondering why I haven’t been answering their calls or texts. I haven’t been sleeping much either but somehow I’m not tired, instead, I’m pumped with excitement! And so far this excitement has been fueling me to get up early and do some manual labour around the new  apartment – moving stuff around, taking down wallpaper, covering up some holes, doing our floors… Yeah, so far that’s all we’ve accomplished while all of our furniture is still in pieces and the walls have to be painted on – all this while still keeping a fulltime job. I can’t wait for it to be over because I’m sure all this hardwork will pay off!

So when I told a friend I’ve been doing our floors alone since the wife is away for work all week, she probably thought all I’ve been doing was mopping it or something because she was a bit surprised when I showed her this picture:

And that’s only the bedroom! When I think about the other rooms that have to be done I feel tempted to just go and hire someone who can finish it all within a day or two without breaking a sweat. I’ve been sleeping on what’s supposed to be a part of our couch because we still don’t have the time and, not to mention, the space to assemble our furniture, so I will just have to make do with what’s there.

Exciting, amiright?!

And because of this mess, my cats are away with Mum Number 2. They’ve been through enough stress already and I bet they just want it all to be over as much as I do.

So I guess I’ll just end this post right here because, as I’ve already mentioned like 6374628 times, I’m super busy and my only time to write this is during my bathroom breaks. I will write some more on my progress (maybe) and, of course, on the finished product!

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