Not Sheldon enough?

A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it is to be God. – Sidney Sheldon

It’s been over a month since I have finally reached my goal of reading all of Sidney Sheldon’s unputdownable novels. The obsession started when I asked a then lover over six years ago, back in my college days while I was pursuing a degree in psychology, to grab me a copy of Tell Me Your Dreams. It was my book of choice because one of my professors has assigned us to read about Dissociative Identity Disorder (or Multiple Personality Disorder). So while most of my classmates have sat  for three hours watching Sybil, I had spent the whole day reading the book while completely ignoring my kind book sponsor.

About a year later, I had decided to read the next book I had found on the shelves of the bookstore nearby. I had realised that Tell Me Your Dreams was the only one of its kind among his novels, but the rest were great nonetheless. It wasn’t until my third book, though, when I decided to read them all. My sister had somehow gotten hold of a copy of Master of the Game, and she was so kind to hand it down to me after she was finished. Since then I had been going through used-bookstores and bidding on eBay for the most worn-out copies as long as they were written in english (this has proven to be pretty easy here in Germany, because not a lot of people are interested in the english prints, and I more often than not made bids with no competition, one of which included 3 books for 4,50€ and free shipping).

Over the years, they have been my go-to reads whenever I am not sure what book to indulge in next. They were the ones I could trust not to disappoint me like many books have, and they kept me busy while I was depressed and battling my share of quarter-life crisis.

I just started reading The Other Side Of Me, Sheldon’s autobiography. I normally stay away from non-fiction but I’ve always been curious about the life of the Master Storyteller himself so I gave it a shot. So far he’s told some anecdotes that he has used in his books as well. His storytelling of his own life is much like the way he does in his novels; it’s fast-paced and page-turning.

Now the trouble is that, I don’t know which author whose books I’d binge-read next. I do have a few books lined-up but I guess I just want another set of safe-picks. So if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears. 🙂

Here’s a list of all 18 novels Sheldon has written, in the order in which I have read them:

  1. Tell Me Your Dreams
  2. A Stranger In The Mirror
  3. Master Of The Game
  4. Windmills Of The Gods
  5. The Doomsday Conspiracy
  6. The Other Side Of Midnight
  7. Bloodline
  8. The Sands Of Time
  9. The Naked Face
  10. Nothing Lasts Forever
  11. Memories Of Midnight
  12. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
  13. The Best Laid Plans
  14. If Tomorrow Comes
  15. The Stars Shine Down
  16. Rage Of Angels
  17. Morning, Noon & Night
  18. The Sky Is Falling

7 thoughts on “Not Sheldon enough?

  1. I also tend to read other books an author has ever written if I am hooked on his/her storytelling. I only read The Other Side of Midnight and its sequel, Memories of Midnight. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to have a copy of the other books. 😊

  2. Great! Anyone in particular you can recommend? 😉 And those are good choices! If you liked them then you’ll enjoy some of his other work as well. 🙂

  3. I think I’ve read books here. Nothing lasts forever was the firs thick book I finished and it became launching pad for me to keep reading. 🙂

  4. Hey that’s great! I think it’s important to pick out a really good one just to get the hang of it and get you started. 🙂 Mine was probably The Da Vinci Code back when everyone else was reading it as well. Lol

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