Family Day Trip to Luxembourg

During one of those late summer weekends, my mum had decided to go on a day tour around Luxembourg. My uncle has been living there for a few years now and usually it’s him driving out to Germany to be with us so we wanted to return the favour. So far he’s made some very youngin’ friends there whom he’s met in church so they had also kept us company all day, just walking around the city. At the same time, we were assigned to babysit for my nephew while his parents are at work, so he came with us on his first trip out of the country. Because of this, we had nursery rhymes playing in the car for two straight hours to try to get him to sleep but I guess he was too excited to be on the road. Kids, amiright?! 🙂

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

In itself, Luxembourg is a small country with a population of less than 600,000. It is bordered by Belgium to the north and west, Germany to the east, and France to the south. Naturally, tourists from these neighbouring countries fill up the city during weekends. What’s great is that public transportation is free of charge on weekends, which helps keep the traffic under control.

I can say this has been one of our more relaxed travels for we just let ourselves be guided by our kind companions. As for photos, it had been hard to take any while taking care of the little rascal at the same time.

But look how happy he is, though ❤

Schueberfouer Fun Fair

We were in luck that we had this chance to take the little one on his first Ferris Wheel ride. She showed absolutely no sign of fear going up, he was even looking out the window while we were on top. All in all, it has been a tiring day but we’re glad we got to do this before he grows up to be the kid who is annoyed by his aunts who can’t get enough of him. 🙂



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