Roadtrip: Romania – Castles & Fortresses

Driving from Timisoara to Bucharest in the course of 5 days, we were able to view 6 castles and fortresses along the way.

Corvin Castle

Legend says that Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned in this very castle.

Fagaras Fortress

In recent history, it has been used as a stronghold by the Communist State of Romania and was still used as a prison in as late as the 1950s.

A bird’s eye view of this citadel would have been great but I don’t have the right equipment for that, sadly

Rasnov Fortress

It’s hard to miss the sight of this fortress when walking around the town of Brasov when its name is written right at the cliff in big letters much like the Hollywood sign. It’s an old ruin with wobbly paths but it’s the first castle/fortress in this trip so far that is located on a cliff, overlooking the city.

Rasnov Fortress

Peles and Pelisor Castles

Located in Sinaia and in close proximity from each other, both castles were built in the late 1800s as residences for the Royal Family. Peles was open for viewing at the time we were there, while Pelisor wasn’t due to some construction work going on.

Bran Castle

Lastly, to end our castle-hopping trip, we entered what is more commonly known as Dracula’s Castle. It was a very crowded one, too. Somehow, most of Romania’s tourism is being sold with the “Dracula” story. Souvenir shops in all of Romania sell different products with the Dracula brand on them. This castle, I believe, has adapted it at most, so it’s not surprising to see the huge wave of tourists coming in. As a conclusion, though, this one has been the least impressive of all the castles we’ve visited – all of which were less crowded, some even nearly empty.


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