Worst Night Shift Ever

It’s absolutely crazy how fast one’s life can change. I know I felt like I was living pretty comfortably – a nice apartment in a great city and a job with lots of benefits and travel discounts that felt safe. But all that changed in what felt like a fortnight.

I was working the night shift when our company announced they’re filing for insolvency. I was there when we were told that after our last flight has landed, it’s over once and for all. I was one of the people that had to inform our crew that they can stay home that day because their flights had been canceled.

There had been signs. They started showing before the last year ended. But every time something shows up, they tell us not to worry. They said everything was fine. Early this year they let the public know about a financial crisis. A week later we were told that we had been saved by some investors and we can all keep our jobs. By the end of the month, our wages did not come.

But between all these bad signs, there were also the signs that showed the opposite. That we had a future. We got a new security system, a telephone system that was supposed to make our jobs easier, we welcomed some new colleagues and, heck, a new aircraft was picked up all the way from Asia and was added to our fleet. All of these things were investments to the company’s future, but where is that future now?

Who would have thought that only a week later, after all these new things had materialized, they are going to send us packing? The media wasn’t helpful, either. There were too many contradicting statements, not to mention the never-ending list of passengers that will never get their money back from booking a flight that had now been canceled. I know that, from this list of people, each one is affected a bit differently. Each one had their own reasons to travel and book with us. Heck, I am one of these people because only days after that horrible night, I was bound for Marsa Alam, Egypt for a SCUBA diving holiday and I, too, had booked a flight with us and will never see a cent of what I paid again.

But what about the employees? Every single one of us is fighting our own battles and we are all affected by this insolvency all the more. There are some who had just left their previous job to start working for us. And what about the households that live off two salaries from this company and now, both of them have to go through the stress of job-hunting? And the ones that had just gone through airline insolvency in 2017 and started working for us only to go through it all again? The list goes on and on.

It had been a convenient life in a city that has so much to offer, with fantastic colleagues and amazing opportunities. It’s a tragedy that these are taken away from us. All we can do now is come out stronger after this, and use this strength to fight our battles.

Whatever the future holds for me, I hope it comes close to the last three years of my life because they had been, no doubt, my best so far.

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