I can’t believe I just moved to Stuttgart

I have been crazy busy these past few months, for good reasons and bad, I guess. But I’m glad I’m now finally able to write again. It’s really been a while so let me just start with the things that have been preoccupying me.

In my last post, I talked about my former employer going bankrupt. Well, it’s been tough since. Though I know I’m going in the right direction, I guess I still feel a little traumatized by it. But I do know that I’ve grown a lot since, and I am thankful to have experienced it together with people who are so much stronger than I am.

That being said, the last two months at that company had been about binge-drinking and socializing. Imagine having to go to work, to what had been a very busy office turned into an adult daycare center. There were board games in between job-hunting, booze, occasionally, one will miss work to go to a job interview. Life had to go on but we all grew closer together. So much closer.

Which is why it had been particularly heartbreaking for me to leave the wonderful city of Berlin. It felt like the fun had just started, I have just built some meaningful friendships with great people so why on earth do I have to leave now? I really liked my job there before they killed the airline, I was just starting to feel really confident with it. Heck, I even just got a raise! So why now? I know I had the choice to stay in Berlin but then I knew that I would never see this industry again and I will have to start over in a different branch. Again. The friends I have gained were determined to stay (although most of them have later on landed jobs in different cities as well, some even in neighboring countries).

I landed the new job not long after they announced the bankruptcy of my last company. It’s kind of how they found me – like there was no better way to advertise myself than by literally staying put while headhunters look through the LinkedIn profiles of employees of bankrupt firms that are on the brink of unemployment. The key was to put yourself out there, let the World Wide Web know you exist. There was just one catch to the whole offer – it’s 650 km away, in a city I had never even been to before.

Stuttgart is the 6th largest city in the country, Berlin taking first place. I guess you can say it’s not too small. Aesthetically, it’s so much different! It is hilly compared to Berlin’s mostly flat topography. Sometimes you will find yourself having to walk up a flight or two of stairs as a short-cut to get around the block. The locals also speak a different dialect, sometimes I have trouble understanding them while they talk to each other, but the peculiarity of it is that they make everything sound cuter by minimizing words.

I have been here since the beginning of April, my first month consisting of looking for a flat full-time and working my new 40h/week job on the side. I was tired all the time! I had no idea it was so hard to look for a flat in this city! The new job came with a relocation package, giving me a place to stay for one month so I can look for a place of my own while I’m here but, man! I was under so much pressure knowing I only had a month to look for a place. Though I think if I had asked nicely if I could extend my stay at the temporary flat they would have said yes, I decided to take it on as a challenge to find my own place in the given time. And I am actually happy where I am now! I basically live right in the city. 🙂

So with moving and all, I am just starting to come down and I am slowly finding the time to explore this region that is all too new to me. I have been looking at hiking trails to check out on my free weekends and maybe I can squeeze in an event or two this summer. I honestly don’t know how long I will stay here since life is just full of surprises but I am excited about this whole new chapter in my life and I will just cherish it while it lasts.

Oh, and to anyone wondering, our place in Berlin still exists. The wife lives there full-time with the cats and I try to come home as often as I can. 🙂

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