Santorini, Greece

I’m excited to share with you all this post on our recent trip to Santorini, Greece. It is, as you can see, one of the most romantic places in Europe – maybe even the world, and rightfully so. The famous whitewashed cave-houses by the cliffside of this beautiful volcano island, resting in the middle of the blue Aegean are surely hard to resist for all lovebirds out there. And it doesn’t help that it’s in a land known for excellent food and exquisite wine – it just makes me wonder why I had waited this long to come to Greece!

Some time last year, an old friend of Joan’s had told us she wanted to come over to Berlin to visit us and to do a mini tour of Europe together. She had brought her wife, who had never been to Europe before, and they flew in all the way from LA. Their goal was to see Europe so I cooked up a travel plan to let them see as much as possible in the one week they were to stay here. This is where my madness kicked in…

Getting there:

The island of Santorini has one airport big enough to accommodate only a handful of flights a day. I did not find a direct flight from Berlin to Santorini so I took the opportunity to get creative – sending us all over Europe.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 22.46.30.png

All this from Saturday to Thursday. I told my colleagues about this plan (since the nature of our work involves a LOT of travel planning) and they thought I was crazy. Maybe I was, but these destinations were carefully picked out. Our guests wanted a city break somewhere in Spain so I made that happen, choosing the beautiful city of Barcelona. They left Saturday early in the morning to make the most of the day. I did not join them until Sunday night – before leaving for Santorini – because I had already been to Barcelona two years ago and I did not want to miss work for too long because summer time is always high season in our industry.

So on that faithful Sunday in summer, I started work at 5 AM and from there I went straight to the airport to catch my flight going to Barcelona to meet with my wife and our friends. I got there at 8 PM and realised I hadn’t eaten anything since I woke up at 3 AM. Our flight wasn’t until late, around 11 PM and we had plenty of time to grab a bite and chat. It’s my first time officially meeting them so it was a great time to get to know each other over card games. When we got to the aircraft, I finally got some shut eye for maybe one collective hour until we landed in Santorini at around 3 AM the next day. We picked up our rental car and looked around for food. Good thing we found a bakery nearby – apparently those are open 24h a day.

Since it was still much too early to check into our Airbnb, we all watched the sunrise together at Kamari Beach.


Most of the breakfast places did not open until 8 AM so we drove around a little bit until then. We chose this place called Galini Café, which we had found thanks to Foursquare. It offered a beautiful vista and a rich breakfast.


It was not too early for the local desert wine.

We hit the shops after our meal and then it was finally time for our Airbnb, which was located in Fira. So on the way there, we couldn’t help but notice the many ATV rentals and we all decided to rent two of those, one for each couple. For the rest of the day we were driving around on those, forgetting about the small confinement of our car.

And they’re great for when you want to enjoy the view around you.

Red Beach

We just dropped our stuff off at the Airbnb and got ready for the beach. I must say, the beach is not the highlight of this island. I’ve heard of plenty of great beaches all over Greece but Santorini isn’t the place if you’re looking for fine, white sand. We hit Red Beach, which is black and partially pebbly, but it looks really gorgeous nonetheless.


Though the water did not show any plastic wastes, it had brought a lot of sea weed residue ashore which got in the way of a nice swim in the open water. We decided to go back to Kamari beach later on since it’s also the closest one to home. This beach is very pebbly but the water was clean.

Late afternoon we went back home and had our take-out dinner there. Our Airbnb was at a holiday apartment complex with a private pool so we had a night swim there until we finally called it a day – and what a long one!


The next day we finally went to Oia – the very place seen on all those postcards, a honeymooners’ haven. We looked for a place that served breakfast at yet another terrace with a great view and it took us to Skiza Café.

By now anyone would have noticed an abundance of Freddo Cappuccino (iced cappuccino, Greek style, on the right) on the island. Regular Greek coffee is also a yummy alternative to espresso.



Bougainvillea on plain white houses will only ever remind you of Greece, don’t you think?
Byzantine Ruins in Oia




We spent the rest of the day buying souvenirs in Oia, going back to Kamari beach, and having dinner at a Taverna. It was a short stay on this island but it felt like just enough time to get to know it. I didn’t think there was much else to see on the island itself, but there were a handful of excursions to the neighbouring islands, or to the volcano, that are being offered by many tour operators on the island.


Next stop  Rome!

Christmas in Mallorca

For someone who wasn’t supposed to do anything special this holiday season, I had such a blast! We were only away for four days but we have seen so much and we had such a great time. I never thought I would ever want to go to Mallorca – an island that is so overly crowded during the summer and the flight ticket prices are going through the roof. Not to mention, it’s a popular holiday destination for the people that surround me everyday so I never really got the point in going away yet feeling like you’ve never left home because everybody speaks your language. So to me, Mallorca was just one of those places that everyone can talk about while I think of all the places I’ve been/want to go to that they would never think of ever seeing. Oh, but how wrong I was! And here’s why:

Mallorca in a nutshell

I’ve got to admit, it does have a lot to offer.

Road trip

The easiest way to get around Mallorca, and by that I mean the whole island, is by car. They have a great motorway which leads you to the most important spots. Even on the road there is already so much to see and you’ll find a lot of opportunities to take photos.


Rental car for 4 days: 104,06 €
Day 1 & day 2 of our road trip. This is just a rough guide and I’m sure we have made a few more stops along the way.


We have been to a handful of beaches on the island, ones we have chosen randomly so I am not quite sure if they are among the best ones. I am also just trying my best here to give out correct information for sometimes I’m not even sure anymore if I got them right. Depending on the time of day, the temperature of the water was warm enough to go for a short dip. Unfortunately, we did not bring any swimsuits with us because we just didn’t expect that. At around noon I was able to go hip-deep without freezing. It was quite refreshing! Seriously, I had felt colder on a summer day in Portugal (but that’s Atlantic water).

Cala Mesquida
Port de Soller
Sant Elm


We have also sighted a few towns where we got to walk around in peace while the local people are busy inside their homes for Christmas. It’s usually in these places where one can find some of the most exquisite churches on the island.


Christmas in Mallorca – Navidades en Mallorca

Spending Christmas in Mallorca, I must say, has been quite an experience. We arrived on the 23rd late at night so we had to spend the best part of the day on the 24th shopping for our Nochebuena dinner. Our Airbnb came with a charcoal grill on the rooftop terrace so we did not waste the opportunity and bought some meats and shellfish. We had some trouble finding open restaurants in our area (El Molinar) during the holidays and the ones that were open were of course full, so it’s best to go to the more central area of Palma. The towns were usually quiet during the day especially while mass is going on.

The Airbnb Experience

Once again, we have been quite lucky with our Airbnb pickings. Also, with the weather! We had originally booked a different apartment but the host was forced to cancel because it had rained hard all week before our arrival and it caused some damages to his home. Fortunately, we have found another host right away and his place was gorgeous!

And by that I mean waking up to this on Christmas morning.

Airbnb – whole place for 4 nights located 10 minutes away from airport: 247,- €

So I guess that was it for travelling this year, huh? What a year!


The first leg of last summer’s trip was Barcelona. My wife and I had never been to Spain before so this trip was pretty exciting, considering we have waited since the start of the year for this trip.

Planning out our itinerary for our stay in this city was not that difficult since Barcelona is filled with tourist spots and it’s one of those places that a lot of people had already been to. I’ve gone through different blogs and travel websites for tips and must-see’s until I had come up with a list of our chosen destinations.

July 16, 2015

We have arrived at our Airbnb home at night and we were welcomed warmly by our host, Claudia. We had only booked a private room but since she was going to be away for the time of our stay, we had the whole place to ourselves. It was literally just across the street from Sagrada Familia. Location-wise, it was perfect because from there, it was pretty easy to get to anywhere.

Airbnb private room right across Sagrada Familia for four nights: 92,- €

IMG_3706An alley behind the building of our Airbnb home, right across the street from Sagrada Familia. We’ve felt pretty safe walking around even late at night.

July 17, 2015

Mercat de la Boqueria was our first stop the next morning. It’s an old market hall that dates back to as far as the 1200’s. They sell fresh goods including lots and lots of fruits, even tropical ones but they were quite pricey and understandably so, since La Boqueria is one of the foremost landmarks in the city. Because of this, we had to stop ourselves from splurging on our very first day for some fruit we’ve been missing so much from back home (the Philippines). Instead, we did our shopping at a regular grocery store for the meals we will be having at our Airbnb home for the next couple of days.

Okay, maybe we did splurge on half a kilo of rambutan but only because LOOK AT ALL THESE FRUITS

Beach. The weather in Barcelona was, at some point, literally too hot to handle. We nearly melted during this constant 38°C temperature we’ve had during the day. The good thing, though, is that there’s a 4km long stretch of beaches right by the city! We had chosen a spot on Platja del Bogatell beach and stayed there for a few hours of siesta and a cool-down soak in some salty beach water. Unfortunately, we hadn’t found any lockers nearby so we had to go in the water individually so the other could look after our stuff but that was the least of our worries. There’s no entrance fee for the beach but you have to pay for a beach chair and umbrella if you would want them. Alternatively, you could just bring your own beach paraphernalia with you. What you should not forget, though, are drinks! The announcement from the speakers had constantly reminded us to drink some water because of the heatwave, which was very thoughtful of them. Drinks are being sold there, of course, but those were just too pricey for us.

Two benches and one umbrella: 24,-€
   I guess it’s pretty clear to everyone now that I am not in any way a beach person.
A refreshing glass of Sangria after spending the afternoon by the beach.

July 18, 2015

We have spent the day walking around the city and, when we got tired of that, we rented some bikes and toured around Parc de la Ciutadella. When we were done with the bikes, we just sat under a tree and waited until it was time to go to Font Màgica de Montjuïc, where they do sets of lights display Thursdays to Sundays from 21:30 onwards. You will find the fountain below Palau Nacional. It’s really hard to miss for there is a wave of tourists headed towards the fountain. Viewing of the lights display is absolutely free but the tricky part is finding a spot where you can actually see it.

Bike rental (per hour): 2,- €

July 19, 2015

For this day, we had planned to go to Parc Güell mostly because it felt necessary. It was our last stop since we were leaving Barcelona the next day. When we got there, we’d realised it was smarter to buy an entrance ticket online. We didn’t do this because we were worried we might not make it on time since you may only enter the park on the time you had chosen in your booking. When we got there at noon, we were told that we may only enter as early as 16:30. So we got our tickets and took the bus to Catalunya to have lunch there until it was our time to get inside the park.

Parc Güell entrance fee (per person): 7,- €

I feel really silly to not have known before that it was going to be this hot in Spain! A constant 38-40°C for a couple of days was just extreme. I had assumed that, given we’re still in Europe, it wouldn’t be so bad but was I wrong! What’s fascinating is that, whenever we go down to ride the subway, we expect to feel some cool air from the underground but, to our surprise, it was like an oven there! We were to leave the next day and we could only hope for a more comfortable temperature at our next stop → València!