Rome and Cats

I don’t believe there is anything that I can tell you about Rome that you don’t already know or haven’t already seen so I’ll keep this short.

So after our trip to Santorini, we flew out to Rome to spend one night there before going back to Berlin. So with two whole days to go roam around, we tried to make the most out of it.

But first, lunch. Buffalo mozzarella is an essential part every trip to Italy. It’s just sooo goood.

After lunch, we took the mandatory tour of the Roman Forum and Colosseum. Obviously, it was fantastic and worth a visit – just probably not on a summer’s day because it just gets really hot in Rome this time of the year. We would have wanted to see more if it hadn’t been 40C outside.

But this is just gorgeous from all angles.

We were surprised by how cheap a cab ride is in this city – to a point that we even let ourselves be toured by a local cab driver, showing us the most important attractions in this city. We didn’t have to pay more than 10 € for a 10 minute ride with light traffic.

For more flexibility, we decided to rent Vespas – one for each couple, to complete the whole Italian experience.

And realised they are not exactly comfortable for riding in tandem…

At night we drove around Vatican City, and then to Fountain Trevi. Some attractions in this city are just so busy even late at night.

The next day, our friends woke up to some bad news from back home and they had to leave for LA with the next flight. We were supposed to leave Rome at night then spend the whole day in Berlin the next day and drive them to the airport the day after that. The wife and I then decided to make a quiet day of it, just driving around on our Vespa.

At some point in the afternoon, we went to Torre Argentina. Today it doubles as a cat sanctuary that houses around 150 gatti. It may be visited in the afternoons during which you may choose to adopt a little feline of all ages. They also sell some goodies like towels and mugs made by a few volunteers to help raise some money for the cats’ needs. Don’t forget to leave a donation!



They are so lucky to be taken care of by volunteers, surviving off donations from locals and tourists alike. And they get to live among ancient ruins of this historical city!


From there, we walked towards the Pantheon, which in my opinion, was the most beautiful attraction in this city. Seeing the inside of this building is free of charge and it’s just amazing how it’s still standing hundreds of years after it was built.


And after we have satisfied our eyes and tastebuds with all the best of Italy, we took our ride to the airport to take our flight back to Berlin. It was a short holiday indeed, but so eventful.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 22.46.30
All these in less than a week!


Ah, but before we go…


Cats of Airbnb

I talk a lot about Airbnb on this blog, I know. I swear, they don’t pay me to promote them but I do it anyway because the people I like are the ones that are okay with sleeping at someone else’s home and not looking for 5* hotel kind of service (especially when they don’t have the 5* hotel kind of budget, you know) when traveling. I salute everyone who prefers to travel cheap to see more.

Another thing that I really like talking about is… CATS. One great advantage of booking an Airbnb is meeting the hosts’ pets (if they have any). Whenever we travel, we miss our cats because we can’t take them with us so it’s nice when we get to seek some comfort from other people’s pets. LOL

Amsterdam, Netherlands (2014)

This beautiful Maine Coon’s name is Pookie. She was only a kitten at the time, hence, was very curious and she kept sneaking into our room to sniff around our stuff.


Sintra, Portugal (2015)

He is the king of the beautiful estate we stayed at. Our hosts said he was 13 years old at the time we were there. I hope he’s still doing well!


Zadar, Croatia (2016)

The friendly one. She greets everyone who comes in and demands to be cuddled.
The tricky one. She doesn’t like to be touched. Instead, she wants you to just watch her roll around on the spot you were just about to sit on.

How our move to Berlin is finally coming true

Just to be clear, I was planning on making a “series” of posts on our adventures in moving to Berlin – maybe to talk a little bit about the reality of trying to find a place in the city, how challenging it can be, etc. Well, I am aware of how hard it has been for the people who have tried and succeeded and I had wanted to write about our fair share of this hardship. Ah, but I guess we’re just lucky.

Lucky to be related to the right people, that is.

So about two weeks ago, my uncle gave me the e-mail address of the guy who owns a unit next door to them. He has been living with his girlfriend at her own place for a few months now and decided to rent his place out. Immediately, I sent him an e-mail, introduced myself and told him we’ve been looking for a place we could move in to this summer with our two cats and how we would like to see the apartment and left my mobile number so he could call me.

And he did.

He agreed to meet with us on a Sunday. It was right after our trip to Copenhagen (yes, the one that had gone wrong in a lot of ways). We checked out the place, it was nice. Smaller than the one we have now by one whole bedroom but it’s about the size we were going for anyway. A few things still need to be done like the flooring (because we’ve just had it with carpets), the walls (our cats seem to have a problem with wallpaper because they keep scratching at it until it’s all gone), and some finishing touches. But it’s one we could imagine ourselves living in. Lastly, the price is alright and we could move in as early as mid of June (given that everything they wanted to have fixed is, well, fixed)!

As of now, we’re only exchanging e-mails with the owner as we are still completing our requirements and they are still finishing the contract and fixing the place up but it’s pretty much ours already and we are very excited!

It’s also next door to my aunt’s and they seem pretty excited for us, as well. A little too excited, actually. But, hey, I’m not complaining! I’m very thankful to them for hooking us up and we’ll just have to see how being neighbours with family will turn out. 😉 Where we live right now, there are probably not even any other Filipino people in a 100km radius, let alone family, so maybe we can use it to our advantage as well like, say, having them feed the cats while we’re away? In return, we’ll water their plants. LOL

I’m sure they’re (literally) bouncing off the walls for this move.

To everyone still looking for a place to move in to, just be patient, I guess? I know I wanted to share the realities of moving into the big city and I refuse to accept that our reality is the only reality there is. I’m sorry I can’t be more of a source of a success story we all wanted to hear but it’s tough out there and we had no reason to look away from this one. Oh, but I’m sure we will face a few more challenges in this series of adventures in moving to Berlin that I can share with all of you.

Until then!