Choice of furniture & growing up

I’m in love with my new Secretary! Wow, that sounded a bit wrong but by secretary, I don’t mean an “administrative assistant” but a piece of furniture called a secretary.

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So what is a Secretary?

It’s like a commode with a pull-out desk. It’s practical for people who don’t have much space at home and, most importantly, for cat mammies like me! See, I can simply hide my workspace by closing the desk up and hiding my stuff inside whenever I leave for maybe a bathroom break or making myself a cup of coffee without the fear of my kitties ruining my things or knocking them down.


Secretary VS Vanity

I have been wanting a Vanity for as long as I can remember. My wife and I have been meaning to get me one but I seem to have always pushed it aside for another time. Something just didn’t feel right about getting one. But as soon as I came up with the idea to get a Secretary instead, I told my wife and we drove straight to IKEA. I don’t regret not getting a vanity, I guess I’ve just grown out of it. I just don’t feel like a princess sitting-at-her-desk-admiring-herself-in-the-mirror anymore. At 25, I feel like I’m still growing up a great deal and only realising it now.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 20.54.38
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Nothing against this vanity table, though, but the lack of storage space would have been a really bad idea now that I think about it.

I started this post a few months back and I decided to just keep the old photos featured (see GIF above). But over the past months I’ve made a few finishing touches on it to make it feel more like it’s mine.

I replaced the old map with this one
Topped with a wall clock I got from my sister for Christmas

What they don’t tell you about drive-in theatres

It’s been two months since we’ve moved to Berlin and I am more tired than ever. My life has become a constant juggle between my job and working around the apartment. Yes, two months and we still aren’t close to being done!

That being said, the wife decided to surprise me by taking me out on a date to a drive-in theatre nearby. She knows it’s something I had been wanting to do for the longest time. I even dreamed about starting my own drive-in theatre business back in the Philippines because I always thought it was pretty cool. But I had really never been to one until last Friday night.

For someone who had watched all episodes of That 70’s Show twice, I kinda almost had an idea what the drive-in is supposed to be like. On the show, they said it’s really just about making out for two hours with your date and not about watching the movie at all. I really didn’t see the point in that because, well, I don’t need to go to a drive-in and pay for a movie for that (and, also, the wife is sick with mumps which I’d never had and it’s contagious and what better way to catch it than by direct contact like, say, kissing). So, yes, we’d actually watched the movie.

The Experience

The sounds were picked up by our car’s radio via FM transmitter and we heard everything pretty clearly – something I didn’t expect. Some people even drove there with their old-timers to really feel like traveling back in time. There was a food truck for some burgers and snacks and drinks and they even offer to deliver the food to your car when you order via SMS. All these things I’d found pretty cool about the whole experience.


Sitting in the car trying to watch the movie on the big screen can get a little uncomfortable after, say, two hours. I am just glad to have experienced it but I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching my next movie in a regular, indoor theatre.

So, yeah, I guess the drive-in really is just about making out after all.

Movie tickets to Autokino Berlin: 10 €/pax, includes entrance fee and 3€ drink coupon

What Berlin has done to me so far


“Maybe that’s the best part of going away for a vacation – coming home again.” – Madeleine L’Engle

Months before we even came up with the plan to move to Berlin, we have planned our vacation first. It’s the one that I refer to as the Donauwelle (lit. Danube wave), because we are going to three cities along the Danube river – Bratislava – Vienna – Budapest. This one is due in about two weeks but, in a way, I’m just not too thrilled about it. Usually I get pretty excited for our trips but, right now, I can’t even get myself to research for some places we definitely shouldn’t miss, let alone write even a half-page itinerary. I’m afraid we would have to go on a no-itinerary holiday which, of course, is so unlikely of me. Obviously, I had been wondering what’s been going on here, and I think I have figured out answer:

I live in Berlin now.

For the past few weeks, this has officially been my home. I somehow managed to channel all my excitement for seeing these great cities into this move that now I can’t seem to get myself to look forward to anything other than going home. For someone like me and with my background, I have searched for home my whole life and, now, in this very beautiful city, I am finally feeling like this is where I’m supposed to be. Like I’m in the right place, finally, like this is home.

Ah, I’m sure that by then, I will be in awe of all the new landscapes we will be seeing on this two-week trip and I will start appreciating other cities again but, in the mean time, let me just admire this place in drown in this satisfaction-pool for a  bit longer. 🙂